CD: NGI Geoportal


 Services such as WMS, WFS, Catalogue and downloads will be provided for.  Various raster products are available through OGC WMS services, service may be accessed through the Geospatial Geoportal facility or through URL links provided for below:


WMS: Imagery Mosaics grouping -url


CDNGI_ Imagery_25cm_MOSAIC 2017



WMS: Imagery Mosaics grouping -url







CD: NGI Geospatial Geoportal facility provides a Geographical User Interface (GUI) for CD: NGI clients to interact with geospatial data and to download data content made available in the geoportal. The geoportal will be updated continuously with the latest data content. Limited historical information will be made available however information related thereto will be available, e.g. the full aerial photography library information for research and requisition thereof. The data in the geoportal is arranged according to predefined workspace tabs and Catalogue (Catalog) information. The Catalogue (Catalog) contains data for download.

Other data content services will also be available in the geoportal; these include Google Earth and Bing Maps. The generic search engine will search the Google Earth data base. Google street view and Google Map navigation can be accessed through the CD: NGI geoportal facility. 

Users are able to add their own ESRI shape file and KML file to the geoportal environment as an overlay to the CD: NGI provided data content. Users will be able to edit and add to their shape file content and eventually export the resultant edits or additions to a downloadable ESRI shape file. The addition will be made to the existing ESRI shape file data model definition.

Users will be able to capture redline information on the geoportal. The redline feature instance is provided for on the CD: NGI “NGI Home” tab workspace. Redline captured data may be downloaded as an ESRI Shape file.

Searching the Catalogue (Catalog) will require basic knowledge of CD: NGI map reference indexes and the file naming conventions. A user manual is available on the geoportal under the Help Menu.