1:10 000 Orthophoto Maps

The 1:10 000 orthophoto maps combine all the advantages of conventional line maps and aerial photography. The photographic background has been rectified to remove image displacements and enlarged to a scale of 1:10 000. Unlike a conventional aerial photograph, accurate measurements can be made on the orthophoto map. Cartographic elements that cannot be derived from the photographic background have been added, namely: a co-ordinate grid, contours and spot-heights, place names and1:10 000 orthophoto maps route numbers.

These maps are well suited for detail planning and analysis of what exists on the ground.
The orthophoto maps cover all metropolitan and peri-urban areas. At present about 30% of the country is covered by these sheets. These sheets are available as ammonia developed prints on either paper or opaque film or as bromide prints on photographic paper or more recent maps as digital maps.
Projection : Gauss Conform, with the central meridian the nearest odd meridian.
Sheet area covered : 3' x 3' (25 sheets cover one 1:50 000 sheet area)
Ellipsoid : WGS84, sheets prior to 1999 Clarke 1880 (modified)