Professional and Advisory Service

NGI provides professional support to various land reform programs and land claims offices around the country viz: actual land survey; verifying boundaries and borders; investigating historical documents; aerial photo interpretation; land use and land cover; and resolving spatial queries.

NGI manages experiential training for Technical Surveyors and Cartography students within the Department, other Departments and Parastatals. The extensive NGI library contains books and reading material covering all aspects of geo-spatial information and is a ready resource for students and staff alike.



Free Maps to Improve Map Use Skills

Mapaware mapPacks
In support of the MapAware initiative, the Chief Directorate: National Geo-Spatial Information supplies five free maps to schools (GET and FET levels). To qualify for this donation schools must teach Geography as part of the GET - Human and Social Sciences and/or offer Geography as one of the optional subjects for FET. The aim is to put maps on the walls of every South African classroom where map use in geography must be taught. The MapPack contains the following maps and other useful mapping information: The maps are despatched free of charge to each qualifying school that responds to the offer and completes the details below.
Only 1 MapPack may be supplied per school

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Technical Training in Surveying/Cartography/Geomatics

Experiential Training

  • NGI has state of the art training facilities and equipment for students undertaking experiential training at Universities of Technology in the Surveying stream. The programme runs over one calendar year and fully meets PLATO requirements for registration as a Survey technician.

Pupil Geomatics Course

  • We offer a structured Geomatics Officer course that consist of on the job training and an academic component. NGI is in the process of accrediting this course with SAQA.

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Map Literacy and GIS in schools training

National Geo-Spatial Information runs the MapAware Programme to promote spatial awareness and map use. This is done by offering workshops to build capacity in various aspects of map literacy and the application of spatial information for land management and education.
Apart from the map literacy training (MapAware) we provide to the General Education Training (GET) and Further Education Training (FET) bands,

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Scientific Advisory Services


Advisory Services

  • We offer a public advisory service on Geomatics related matters. Eg, questions relating to datums and projections, image formats. Our response time is typical

Research and Development

  • In order for NGI to remain the foremost supplier of geo-spatial information in South Africa, NGI undertakes research in various fields of Geomatics. The research is guided by its research agenda which addresses the strategic goals of NGI.

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