Map Literacy and GIS in schools training

National Geo-Spatial Information runs the MapAware Programme to promote spatial awareness and map use. This is done by offering workshops to build capacity in various aspects of map literacy and the application of spatial information for land management and education.
Apart from the map literacy training (MapAware) we provide to the General Education Training (GET) and Further Education Training (FET) bands,

we also promote grassroots spatial advocacy.The MapAware workshops are meant to capacitate High School teachers and curriculum facilitators so that map use and the interpretative skills in schools can be better applied.

Spatial literacy training at the grassroots level capacitates local communities to actively and meaningfully participate at Integrated Development Planning fora. This training helps build local knowledge, throws more light on rural and urban potential socio-economic opportunities for the youth, women and the economically marginalized to know and appreciate better the dynamics of functioning local economies. In a nutshell, the grassroots training in spatial literacy promotes rural development, facilitates land Reform and supports agrarian economy.
We also offer map training to other government departments, state institutions, and parastatals as they rely significantly on the use of geo-spatial information in their day to day operations.

The MapPacks project on the other hand aims to put local maps on the walls of every GET and FET school where Geography is taught in South Africa. Each MapPack contains five maps selected specifically to highlight the local area of the school. The local orthophoto map shows a photographic image of the school and surroundings at a scale of 1:10000. The 1:50 000 topographic map shows a larger surrounding area at 1 cm to 500 m. The 1:250 000 topo-cadastral map shows the local area bounded by one degree of latitude and two degrees of longitude. A map of the local province and one of South Africa are also included.
All five maps help learners gain a better understanding of the places where they live. The first two maps are very useful for planning, managing, monitoring and reporting on projects for Social Science and Geography. Maps are invaluable aids when teaching in the local environment, about the local environment, and for the sake of the local environment. MapPack is supplied by NGI free to all GET and FET schools where Geography is taught. This includes schools offering Social Science at GET level and Geography at FET level. For MapAware Training bookings and MapPack Application form, please contact:
Division Manager: Client Relations and Marketing
National Geo-Spatial Information
Private Bag X 10, Mowbray, 7705
Tel: 0216584340; Cell: 0828424144; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or please click here to complete the MapPack Application form.
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